Mainstream weight loss advice: Fact or fiction?

mainstream weightloss advice

Today I look at mainstream weight loss advice. Is what the media is saying valid? Let’s see. This is going to be fun. Weight loss advice from the big guys. I typed in “how to lose weight” in the search bar of my web browser. The first thing that Google gave me was an article from Reader’s Digest. It’s 40… More →

Much too old to feel this damn young

Have you ever heard people lament about their age? Or maybe you do this? “I’m getting too old for this…” “I’m really feeling my age…” It seems as though it would be natural to feel older as you get older. Not for me. Please follow and like us:0

The Good in Your Day

Each and every day of your life has many, many moving parts. There is so much going on. So many people, so many events and things and places. If you write down everything that happened and everything that you think about each day you could literally write a book a day for your entire life. Each day we can break… More →

A Healthy Life is a GREAT Life

A healthy life is a great life

A couple of weeks ago I heard someone say something that, ahem, rattled me a little. I don’t get rattled easy so this is really saying something. As a matter of fact it pissed me off a little bit. Please follow and like us:0

Exercise to feel good. Eat to lose weight.

“Exercise to feel good. Eat to lose weight.” Isn’t that an interesting quote? It makes sense if you think about it but is that what most people do? It’s really not. Most people do the opposite. We exercise to lose weight and we usually eat food to feel good. Do we not celebrate anniversaries with dinner out? We eat cake… More →

The Hard Part

I heard someone say something recently that, to me, was kinda like the fingernails down the chalkboard thing. You know what I mean, right? This made me cringe. Someone was talking about getting fit and healthy. This person was getting excited to “get started”. This person had a problem. It’s the diet. The diet is “the hard part”. I want… More →

Burn the boats…. but don’t go overboard

Burn the boats. Have you ever heard that before? If you haven’t then you need to keep those 3 words in the forefront of your mind. If you want to get in shape and get fit then you need to BURN THE BOATS. In other words there is no going back. You are here in the fit life and you… More →

Functional Fitness and Weight Lifting in everyday life

Teresa Copley ~ Champion Athlete

GUEST BLOG by my awesome and super-hot wife Teresa Copley. Enjoy! I hear people all the time saying that they do not need to lift heavy weights or do functional fitness because they will not use that in their life. The myth of heavy weight lifting making you bulky or less flexible is just that, a myth! Let me tell… More →