Mainstream weight loss advice: Fact or fiction?

mainstream weightloss advice

Today I look at mainstream weight loss advice. Is what the media is saying valid? Let’s see. This is going to be fun. Weight loss advice from the big guys. I typed in “how to lose weight” in the search bar of my web browser. The first thing that Google gave me was an article from Reader’s Digest. It’s 40… More →

7 reasons why I NEVER do ab day plus the secret to sexy abs

Why I never do ab day Rick Copley The Fit Life blog

The secret to a sexy abs isn’t to do crunches. The secret to sexy abs really is that 99% of what you think you know is dead wrong. The secret to sexy abs is actually to never do abs. Read to the end for your 12 step PLAN! I cringe every time I see someone on Facebook talking about doing… More →

5 Habits of the Super Fit

Rick Copley online coach

We know who they are. Maybe we are jealous of them. Maybe we are envious of them. Maybe we admire them. Maybe we hate them. The people that I am talking about are the super fit. The ones you see rocking the bathing suit at the beach of those not afraid to show some skin at the gym. They post… More →

Your target area…is between your ears

Your target area

In all my years of fitness I can honestly tell you that the three words that make me want to scream and pound my face against the wall are “my target area“. My heart rate and anxiety level just tripled as I sit here at my computer. I am honestly a little annoyed just seeing the words come off my… More →

Functional Fitness and Weight Lifting in everyday life

Teresa Copley ~ Champion Athlete

GUEST BLOG by my awesome and super-hot wife Teresa Copley. Enjoy! I hear people all the time saying that they do not need to lift heavy weights or do functional fitness because they will not use that in their life. The myth of heavy weight lifting making you bulky or less flexible is just that, a myth! Let me tell… More →

The Biggest Lie in Fitness

Anyone that has followed me for any amount of time knows my stand on abs. I think I’ve blogged about it a dozen times and those blogs are always the most views posts of the month. Yet, the lie continues on and on and on…. Crunches don’t give you abs. Flutter kicks don’t give you abs. Planks don’t give you… More →

False Hope: How to REALLY get abs

False Hope: How to REALLY get abs by Teresa Copley, guest blog. I want to talk about abs.  I want to talk about how to get abs. We all see these ab classes or ab videos in health clubs and in stores. I know everyone is guilty of buying one or going to one of these classes.  They use words… More →