Bent on Better

Rick Copley Online Fitness Coach

If I was to narrow down all the goals that everyone has with health and fitness I would say that we are all looking for, or at least we should be looking for, one thing: we all should be bent on better.

Each and every day we should be trying to be better in a way that matters to each of us. For me it’s performing better as an athlete in hand stand push-ups, dead lifts, squats and all other moves that may come at me in the CrossFit open. For you it may be shedding 10 pounds or running a 5k.

It’s all the same goal. we want to be, or we are bend on….. BETTER. 

I think that if we look at our fitness journey like this then we will all have more success. Stop trying to be the best and stop trying to lose those 30 pounds. Just be better. Don’t just try to be better. Be hell bent on being better.

Accept nothing less.

Allow me to be transparent. I didn’t invent the term “bent on better.” It’s actually the name of a podcast from a guy named Matt April. I love the concept so I am stealing these three words today.

Are you bent on better?

Are you trying today to be just a little better then yesterday?

If not then why not? You should be!

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Look at being better each and every day of your life. Write down the areas that you are being challenged in and do something to make yourself just a little better today. How far did you walk yesterday? 10 minutes? How about 11 today! It took you 30 minutes to do a 5k? How about doing it in 29:55!

The other did I did a mile on the Concept II rower. My best time was 5:47 so my goal was to beat that time. In the process of beating that time (I did 5:39!) I got an amazing workout in and helped to prepare me for the crossFit Open. The goal wasn’t the Open. The goal was to be better. I was bent on better.

I want you to get my simple point today so I want to keep it super simple.

Be better. Be bent on better each and every day in each and every way. This is how you have long term results. It’s one little effort at a time. This turns into a lifetime of improvement and thus joy and happiness.

What can you be better at today?

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