We all have something in common.

We all have this EXACT thing in common.

What is it?

We all are at the fitness level that we are at.

I know. Pretty simplistic, right? True it is, but it is a perspective that I think will help you. Let’s unpack exactly what that means.

There are lots of fitness markers. You have body fat, you have cholesterol, blood pressure, how fast you can do a mile, how many push-ups you can do….literally there are hundreds of ways to measure fitness. If there was a score then we would all have one…. and it could improve.

I would argue that no matter how fit or unfit we are and no matter what age we are we could always be better even if it’s just by a little bit.

Why don’t we all want that?

Why don’t we want to be just a little stronger? Why don’t we all want to be able to feel just a little bit better or just a little lighter? Why don’t we all want to have more vitality and energy?

It’s mostly about belief.

You don’t believe you can be more. You don’t believe it is possible. You don’t believe you can do it.

It is 100% about belief. If you are 30% body fat you have the ability to, in a relatively short amount if time, be 25% and feel a ton better. You can do it if you believe.

Who has read this quote this before? It’s good because it is dead on.

If you believe then you can. If you don’t then you won’t. This is a choice.

Which do you choose?

I always talk about peoples level of fitness being a choice. I truly believe that. I am almost 43 and the best shape of my life. I am strong and fit and look better than I ever have.

Part, if not most, of my physical success lies in the fact that I believe, each and every day, that I can be BETTER…and so can you.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you have the right to be happy with what you see in the mirror. Believe that you have the ability to get in better shape then you are in right now. Once you believe then everything else falls into place.

If you don’t believe then you will let excuses become reasons and you are doomed to failure.

Which do you want? Success or failure?

I wish you the best of luck on your journey. You can do anything that you want as long as you believe….

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