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The one thing that you ALWAYS need to do if you want to go somewhere or accomplish something is you need to begin.

So why are so many people scared to get started? Why are we scared to begin? Why do we so fear the unknown?

Fear The Fit Life Blog

I don’t know BUT in this fear concept lies the answer. We don’t begin because we are scared. It’s that fear that paralyzes us from doing something so simple that it’s a mystery to all that don’t feel the fear. The fear if real but the reason is now. I hope todays short message will help you if this is the issue that you have.

A couple of months ago a lady came to our gym. We will call her Tammy.

Tammy told me that she was tired of being tired and she wanted to lose some weight. Awesome goal. She also told me that she was intimidated. (This is another word for scared) We were standing in our gym so I asked her, “What intimidates you?”

She looked around and she pointed to the rope that we have hanging from the ceiling, “The rope.”

We have over 50 members of our small gym and probably 12 of them have ever climbed the rope. As a matter of fact we have NEVER once put the rope in a regular gym workout. The rope is just for very advanced workouts and even then it’s only used once or twice per month.

Yet her was this lady who had one thing standing between her and beginning: the rope that she would never climb.

So why be intimidated by the rope?

Fear The Fit Life Blog

I think there are a couple of reasons. What if you tried and couldn’t do it? The implication here is that you would feel silly and embarrassed. These are real emotions and feelings! The other fear is that you would fall from 15 feet off the ground and get hurt. Another real fear! So she could have felt fear of drama both from a physical sense and an emotional sense.

These type of fears can stop even the strongest person from beginning.

The fear of these pains is so strong that it overwhelms the logic part of us that knows that we will never do these things so there is nothing to worry about.

I explained all this to Tammy yet she never came back. She didn’t try a class and she never called to explain why.

I really don’t know why she never came back and why she never started but we can assume that she let the fear of some sort of pain paralyze her so she felt better with the pain that she knew then to explore the pain of the unknown.


Just begin. When you start you get closer.

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my car off at the shop to get fixed. I decided to walk home. The trip was 5 miles and that’s a long walk. I didn’t think of it that way. I walked for about 15 minutes and guess what? Now it was just a 4 mile walk. I was getting closer. I had to begin to get closer!

Are you scared of the process? Is that why you don’t begin? Are you scared of pain? Of humiliation? Of failure?

The unknown is truly scary but once you begin you will get stronger.

That first workout will leave it’s effects for several days. You will hurt in your legs and your shoulders but this will make you stronger. You may not finish your workout and it may sting you emotionally. The next time, though, you will get closer and you will feel better. You will start to feel the effects of the fit life. You will feel yourself becoming more for you, for your family and for you community.

It will be worth it. Don’t feel the unknown. Fear not trying. Begin. Start now. Go. Don’t wait.

Have faith in the process. Good luck my friends. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help. If the meantime feel free to download my free on audio training on mindset. This will help you to think in a way that empowers to and doesn’t restrict you.

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