A Goal Setting Hack

I have something special for you today. I am going to call it, for lack of a better term, a “goal setting hack“.

We all want more from our bodies. We all want to look better or feel better or perform better or a combination of those things, right? (Or at least we should have one of these goals. If you don’t want to be physicality better that is a problem. We will talk about that in a future blog!)

OK, so YOU look in the mirror, you want to be better so what do you do?

Most of us set goals. Goals are awesome but we need to be careful sometimes. Goals can change us for the better but they can also set us back to square or or, even worse, destroy us.

When you set a goal to make some sort of physical improvement you need to do it in the direction of raising YOUR standards. Set a goal that involves you being better and has circumstances that you can control.

The opposite of that setting unrealistic expectations. This is basically you comparing yourself to others. You can’t control this. EXAMPLE: You want to look like another person. You want to beat another person. You want to be better then another person. You want to be better looking then another person.

Do you catch my drift?

As the new year approaches we should all be setting new years “resolutions”. We all should take this opportunity to look at what we are and make it better. This involves setting goals. We need to know what we want so we can go after it! Make sure to set the right goals!

Set a goal that empowers you. Set a goal that makes YOU better. Don’t set goals that compare you to other people. Raise your standards that you set for you. Don’t have expectations that involve others.

Each and every day get up and be better. Do things that will make you better and that will raise you standards.

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