7 reasons why I NEVER do ab day plus the secret to sexy abs

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The secret to a sexy abs isn’t to do crunches. The secret to sexy abs really is that 99% of what you think you know is dead wrong. The secret to sexy abs is actually to never do abs. Read to the end for your 12 step PLAN!

I cringe every time I see someone on Facebook talking about doing abs. It’s almost like a gym badge of honor. It’s almost like the workout doesn’t count if you don’t throw in some abs. It seems like everyday is ab day.

It’s stupid. Ab day is useless. Want abs? Stop with the dumb ab days.

Why don’t I do ab days? Here are my top 7 reasons…..

#1 Reason I never do abs days: Most ab exercises are isolation exercises and I very rarely do that crap. 

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Don’t get me wrong. Exercise is good. Anything that stresses your body and gets your heart rate up is a good thing. I VERY RARELY will throw in an isolation exercise as active recovery in the middle of a workout. I do this for variety and to change up the workout to make it interesting. The biggest reason that I avoid isolation exercises is that compound, multi joint movements hit all those muscles anyway and jack your heart rate up so much higher.

I’m all about using the least amount of time to get the best results. Isolation movements aren’t efficient and aren’t the best, most effective or safest way to workout, so I avoid them.

#2 Reason I never do ab day: Overdoing ab workouts creates muscle imbalances and can lead to low back pain.

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Think about it. What happens when you focus on one muscle group and ignore or do minimal work on another? One side gets stronger while the other gets weaker. Not a good thing.

A quick and basic kinesiology lesson. Each muscle in our body is responsible for moving the joints in our body. Each muscle moves the joint in one way concentrically while there is an opposite muscle which is responsible for eccentric movement. One muscle moves one way while the other muscle moves the other way. It a real basic sense this is how the body accomplishes movements.

Another thing to keep in mind is what happens when you work a muscle to exhaustion. When you work out a muscle it breaks down but then builds back up again stronger. When you get stronger you also tend to get tighter. The correlation is that strong muscles are generally more tight than weaker muscles.

When you work your abs you get stronger and tighter in your anterior chain (front of your body) and you get weaker and looser in your posterior chain (back of the body). What happens next? Yep. Stress on your lower back and thus pain. This seems like something that you wouldn’t want. I could be wrong though.

#3 Reason I never do ab day: Spot reduction is the biggest myth is all of fitness. Please stop believing this stupid lie.

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On what planet does it make sense that by exercising a muscle the fat on top of it is just going to disappear? Do we really think that fat moves joints? Do we teach that somewhere along the way? Unfortunately we do teach that…. in all the glossy magazines and all over social media. It’s wrong. Stop. PLEASE.

Can you please introduce me to the big person who does abs and has a killer six pack with the rest of his body being flabby.

The only way to see abs is to have very little body fat on top of your abs. THE ONLY WAY.

#4 Reason I never do ab day: It is boring, not measurable and just plain uncomfortable.

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Sure, saying that you did 1000 crunches sounds kind of sexy to people that are clueless. To me it sounds boring. Who wants to do the same thing for that long? Once your muscles are tired move on the next thing.

Doing exercise after exercise to “target” one area doesn’t sound like much fun. Plus it is not truly measurable and who wants to have sore abs all the time and still not be able to see them? Sounds like a lame workout to me. Give me some burpees, running and weights. Now that’s a party.

#5 Reason I never do ab day: I don’t get tired when I do abs.

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I think that the key to fitness is getting tired. Sure ab day will make your muscles tired but are you truly tired? Are you pouring out buckets of sweet? More importantly, are you raising your metabolism? Likely not. A 5 minute run will help you get abs a lot more then doing 5 minutes of abs.

Do you think your heart beating faster is going to be a benefit? Uh….yeah.

#5 Reason I never do ab day: I am in innovator and not a crowd follower.

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I think that a lot of people do abs simply because that is what everyone else is doing. Most people see one person with a rocking 6 six doing crunches and other ab exercises and they are hooked. If it works for them…

Never mind the millions that do crunch after crunch and never see results.

So why does the crowd go in this direction?

When in doubt follow the money.

Getting hot abs is a sexy marketing subject. The ab region is in the middle of the body between the two main erogenous zones on women and just above the main one for guys. Its the sexiest piece of skin that we can legally show at any beach.

Sex sell people. Sex sells.

If abs make you sexy and everywhere you look people are doing abs and you see lots of “8 minutes abs” and “ab classes” and other B.S.  it’s no wonder everyone wants to do abs.

It’s all a crock of crap. Doing ab exercises will never get you abs.

The most successful people in the world are the ones that do things a little different. Sometimes it’s ok to follow the crowd. Not in this case. The crowd is wrong here. DEAD WRONG.

#6 Reason I never do ab day: Ab exercises that are based on extra resistance are a logical progression but not function and not safe.

Don't do this

I am a HUGE fan of progression. To get stronger you need to add speed, reps, resistance or variety. Adding extras reps isn’t a big deal with ab routines and there can be some variety BUT adding speed and resistance is a no go.

Doing weighted sit-ups, weighted planks, ab machines and other ab exercises that add weight is just asking for trouble. Your ab muscles don’t usually do much hypertrophy (grow bigger). The main reasons that we add weight are to grow muscle and to get stronger. How big and strong do your abs really need to be?

Something to think about.

#7 Reason I never do ab day. Ab day is a waste of time because it doesn’t help me reach my goal.

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I NEVER do an ab day. Yet….I have abs. Interesting.

Nothing about doing abs moves me towards MY GOAL so why the hell would I waste my time?

My goal is to be more fit and to be better at my sport. I don’t compete in the sport of crunches and neither do you. Abs don’t make you more fit. Period. The question, after all that you just read, begs to be answered: Why do ab day?

I would assume the answer is that you want sexy abs.


Want to know the secret?

Here is your 12 step plan to get sexy abs:

  1. Stop doing ab day.
  2. Stop the victim mentality of blaming the world.
  3. Accept and acknowledge that that there is no easy way.
  4. Stop eating like crap.
  5. Eat better food.
  6. Eat more meals.
  7. Eat more food in the morning then at night.
  8. Workout more.
  9. Add more variety to your workouts.
  10. Add more intensity to your workouts.
  11. Do more burpees, thrusters, kettlebell swings, intervals, plyometrics etc.
  12. Follow a coach who knows that the hell they are doing and stop following celebrities who are in it for the money.

I guess part of the plan would be to understand that it’s hard it it will take a while. I guess that’s why most trainers don’t share this part. just a thought.

There you have it. Are you going to keep doing “ab day”? I certainly hope not… if you actually want to get results.

I want to share one last thing with you today.

I genuinely WANT YOU to get results. Really I do. They say knowledge is power. Now you know something. You know that the time you spend in the gym doing abs isn’t working for you and you have rough sketch of what to do insteed. I wish you luck on your journey. Living a fit life can seem hard but, at the end of the day it is WORTH IT.

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