5 tips to making your gym workout more efficient

Rick Copley Online Fitness Coach

Do you want to spend less time but get better results at the gym?

We are all super busy. Sometimes going to the gym becomes out of the question, because frankly it takes too much time. We get off work at 4 pm and by the time we drive to the gym, do our workout, shower and drive home it’s after dinner and, if you have been gone all day, that can be a problem.

Or, you go to workout in the middle of the day and it seems like you lose 3 hours of your day and it’s negatively affecting you and or your job.

Today I am going to share with you 5 tips to make your workouts more efficient and more effective. You will spend less time and get better results.

Does this sound like something you want to learn about?

Tip #1: Stop spending time stretching before your workout. 

By “stretching” I mean both actual stretching and stretching of your mouth. If you are spending too much time at the gym you need to consider how much of that time is actually spent working out; talk less workout more.

Stretching can be important and it can be valuable. But it is meant to be done when you are warm and NOT as a warm up. Start slowly with your workout. CLICK HERE to view a blog post I did about how to warm up.

Stretch after you workout. NOT before. This WILL save you time.

Tip #2: Combine workout routines. 

This is a whole blog post in itself. I absolutely DESPISE the whole cardio then weights or weights then cardio question. Who cares! Do them together! After a short warm up hit the weights for a few sets then jump on the treadmill and hammer out a mile. Go back to the weights for a few more sets and jump on the rower for 1000 meters. Your entire time at the gym should be spend out of breath!

If you are not out of breath while at the gym then you are wasting time. Period. The end.

Tip #3: Stop doing abs, calves and arms. 

Seriously. Do a set of 50 push-ups and 50 lunge walks. Guess what you just did? You, in about 5 minutes, just did 30 minutes worth of abs, calves and arms. Looks to me like a pretty good way to save time at the gym.

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Seriously. Stop wasting time doing these isolation moves. Go to the gym. Bust your ass doing things that are HARD. Go home.

Tip #4: Drink a post workout shake. 

I workout hard and drink a shake after each workout. CLICK HERE to learn more about what I drink.

After you workout you spend so much time stretching and showering and drinking home and that kind of stuff that all of a sudden you are going to be ridiculously famished and you are going to have to stop and eat or make some food.

This time is going to help you save time and help you get better results at the gym.

Finish your workout. Make your shake. Change your shirt. Drink your shake on the way home. Tip #5 fits in here….

Tip #5: Shower at home. 

This is a weird one, right? If you workout hard it takes a long time for your body to cool enough to shower and not re-stink, so to speak. If you follow tip #4 then you should be on your way home with some nourishment in your body and by the time you get there you are ready to shower and continue on with your day.

What if you need to shower at the gym then go back to work? Put on a dry shirt WHILE you stretch to help with the cool down process. I know this from experience! In the summer I bring 3 shirts. One to wear for the workout (at least for the start of the workout), one to wear after the workout and one to wear on the trip home.

So, there you have some quick tips for you to save time when it comes to working out. There is no reason whatsoever that a trip to the gym should take 2-3 hours. You are wasting your time if that is you. Work harder to save time and get BETTER results.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. I would be glad to help!

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