5 Habits of the Super Fit

Rick Copley online coach

We know who they are.

Maybe we are jealous of them. Maybe we are envious of them. Maybe we admire them. Maybe we hate them.

The people that I am talking about are the super fit. The ones you see rocking the bathing suit at the beach of those not afraid to show some skin at the gym. They post selfies on Instagram on a regular basis.

Love them or hat them…there are people out there that are super fit.

Rick Copley online coach

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to be one of the super fit or not. Truth of the matter is that if you take over some of the same habits you will defiantly get in better shape and feel better about yourself. Isn’t that what it is all about?

Before I share with you the habits I want to take a moment and do a little brain surgery on you. We need to have the right mindset going forward if you are going to take this seriously.

How do you perceive these people? If it is negative then you need to stop. These people are just like you. The only difference is that they have made better health decisions and they have done it on a consistent basis. Feelings of jealously and envy will lead you to resent the process. Look at these people as an example of what you want to be and you are on the right track.

Its your choice what you are going to do next.

OK, let’s get to the 5 habits of the super fit.


#1 HABIT OF THE SUPER FIT: We work out each and every day and we do it because we WANT to and not because we have to.

This is a golden nugget of wisdom. I could stop the blog now and you have the tools you need to succeed. You need to fall in love with the results to fall in love with the process. The workouts we do create the body we have. It’s not easy sometimes but we need to absolutely love to go workout every day. If you hate your workout then you will quit. It’s a habit that we get into. We LOVE to move our bodies because we appreciate what happens next.

#2 HABIT OF THE SUPER FIT: We focus of eating well and not obsessing over what we eat.

We all view the way we eat different. The super fit enjoy eating and they eat a lot of food. The super fit people of the world value their health so we don’t eat a gallon of ice cream and we don’t grab a donut at Dunkin Donuts. We plan our meals and we NEVER eat fast food. We mind what goes into out bodies but, on the other hand, we aren’t nuts about it. We understand that the way we nourish ourselves must be a balance. You will never find someone that is super fit that visits McDonalds consistently. NEVER.

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#3 HABIT OF THE SUPER FIT: We have hobbies that keep us active and moving.

Sure there are fit people that go hunting and fishing or play billiards or go to the movies a lot. Most fit people spend their free time skiing or surfing or biking or running or rock climbing.  Have you ever been to the beach and noticed that the really fit people are the ones playing frisbee of throwing a football? Nothing wrong with having some downtime but the fit people want to keep moving.

#4 HABIT OF THE SUPER FIT: We take supplements.

Why do we take supplements? We do this because we understand our bodies. We know that we don’t get all the nutrients that we need from our food and we want out bodies to be topped off with the best stuff. CLICK HERE to read about the supplements that my wife and I stand behind. Do you see the fit people at the gym drinking post workout or protein shakes? We do that to fuel the fire with the best fuel. Supplementation is vital for the super fit. TRUST ME on this one.

#5 HABIT OF THE SUPER FIT: We are positive, we are goal setters, we are enthusiastic and, most importantly, WE ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for the way that we look and feel.

This is absolutely vital. Those that blame others and complain about their circumstances all day long NEVER get results. This one is so simple yet this is the one that most people fail to do. Accept responsibility and you are well on your way to becoming one of the super fit.

I am one of the super fit and so is my wife. We look good and we feel good each and every day. We are this way because of the habits that we have and we practice daily. Start changing some of your habits if you want to live a fit life. Change one at a time and make just little changes. You will be amazed at the results that you get.

Rick and Teresa Copley

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