5 ways to be motivated to workout

I hear people say all the time that they aren’t motivated to workout. Either there is no motivation or the motivation is gone or there just isn’t enough. The struggle is real. Today I am going to try to help you out by giving you 5 ways to get your motivation up and keep it up. These tips could help… More →

My Goals

I want to share with you today my health goals. I know I wrote yesterday about YOUR goal setting mindset. I thought writing about my goals and MY goal setting mindset today would be a great addition to yesterdays post. CLICK HERE to read yesterdays post. So you read yesterdays post and you probably got out of the post that… More →

Your target area…is between your ears

Your target area

In all my years of fitness I can honestly tell you that the three words that make me want to scream and pound my face against the wall are “my target area“. My heart rate and anxiety level just tripled as I sit here at my computer. I am honestly a little annoyed just seeing the words come off my… More →

The Gap

The Gap

Today’s post is about perspective. It’s about the gap between where you are and either where you want to be or where you perceive others to be. It’s about YOU and it super important. The gap is just as big as you think it is but it shouldn’t matter. It really shouldn’t even be a thought that’s on your mind.… More →

Your plan sucks

Your Plan Sucks The fit life blog

Have you heard this quote before? It’s been around for a while and is attributed to Woody Allen: “If you want to make God laugh tell Him your plans”. This quote to me could also be: “If you don’t want results tell you fitness coach your plan.” To be honest, unless you are in crazy good ninja shape your plan… More →

A Healthy Life is a GREAT Life

A healthy life is a great life

A couple of weeks ago I heard someone say something that, ahem, rattled me a little. I don’t get rattled easy so this is really saying something. As a matter of fact it pissed me off a little bit. Please follow and like us:0


Scars the fit life blog

I have something to share with you today that I saw at the Wadapalooza Fitness Festival this weekend. As a coach and athlete it’s things like this I I notice and that I am inspired by. Champions come in all shapes and sizes. Champions do what it takes to be better. Champions don’t accept excuses. Champions have scars. Please follow… More →