2015. A personal journey

Today’s post isn’t a how to. Today’s post isn’t about changing YOUR mindset. Today’s post isn’t about what is right and wrong in fitness.

Today’s post is about me.

This is a look back at my year as an athlete.

It is intended to give you value. It is intended to help you. There are lessons here. There is value here. You may appreciate this journey of mine. It’s the topic that I understand the most and know the most about. Some people have trouble talking about themselves and some love to do it. For me it’s a way to teach and inspire.

Let’s do this.

In the summer of 2014 I decided, rather naively, that I was going to become a CrossFit athlete. My goal was to qualify for the CrossFit Regional. Honestly I didn’t know how to even do that. I just figured that I would figure it out as I went along. It didn’t take me long to figure out that was not an appropriate goal. I switched that goal over to qualifying for the CrossFit Games as a Master.

When 2015 started I was just learning double unders and handstand push-ups. Today I am a master of both. At the start of the year my best for the Clean & Jerk was 215. Today it is 245. I did my first 300 lb dead lift earlier this year. Now my best is 400 lbs.

400 lb dead lift!

It has been a year of MASSIVE improvements.

It has also been a year of MASSIVE frustrations.

In order to move on in the open (the first step in the two step qualification process for the games) I needed to finish in the top 200. I finished 752th. (CLICK HERE to read about my experience and watch videos!) Granted there were over 15,000 people in the 40-44 age bracket. That’s top 5% worldwide. That’s pretty good but it wasn’t enough.

While that was tough to take what was harder was the injuries.

I have struggled greatly with shoulder, low back, hip and wrist issues.

Doing workouts for me is easy. I am always the hardest working person on the room. My competitive drive pushes me relentlessly. It’s also a crutch for me as it tends to push me over the edge. Patience and good decision making is not coming easy for me and I have paid dearly for it.


2015 was a fun year and it was a great learning experience. This year I did my first live team competitions. We went to South Florida and finished 3rd in a 3 person (I was joined by Teresa and our young talented friend Jarrett Novack) comp. 3rd out of 17 was a good performance for our first!


Jarrett and I also finished 3rd in a two person battle in Ocala. We fought hard and did really well.


I did some online competitions as well. I even won an online masters comp and got 2nd in 2 others.

Teresa and I teamed up with Jarrett and his mom Monica to do the CrossFit Team Series in October. We did pretty well for ourselves! Our final place was 842 out of 2449. Top 34% in the world!

At the same time as the Team Series I also did the “Wodapalooza Qualifier”. I did OK to finish in the top 100 of of the major online competition BUT these ended up being a big problem.

Doing both these competitions at the same time was fine for me metabolically. My shoulders, however, couldn’t handle the stress.

I ended up hurting my back and tearing both my rotator cuffs in my shoulders. The recovery process is a little unsure right now. I may be recovered in time for the 2016 open, I may not. Lesson learned.

2015 was an amazing year. It was really the first year for me in a whole new sport. The learning curve is a little steeper then I thought it would be but I am OK with that. My goals are still the same. My goal is still to get to Carson for the CrossFit Games. Obviously 2015 didn’t happen but 2016 is a whole new year and there are even more years after this one.

2015 was a learning year. It was a year to learn about my sport and to learn about my body. I am disappointing in the injuries and some of the performances but I am stronger for it so I move on and fight.

In closing I will say this: I am determined. You should be too. Was 2015 the year you wanted it to be or was it not?

The answer doesn’t matter. Take hold of 2016 RIGHT NOW and fight like hell to make it the year that you become better. Keep it simple but don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.

I am not giving up, that is for sure.

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